Stop Iran’s secret 25-year military and economic deal with China

Stop Iran’s secret 25-year military and economic deal with China
جولای 10, 2020
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Stop Iran’s secret 25-year military and economic deal with China that gives control over the coastal area of Balochistan and the stratigically important ports cities of Chahbahar and Jask to China and Russia.

Balochistan is a land under occupation and the regimes in Iran plunder Balochistan’s natural resources without the Balochs getting a share of it. Since the Islamic regime took the power in Iran, Balochistan is controlled by the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps]. They commit various crimes against the Baloch people daily. About 90 years ago, Balochistan was occupied by Rezashah after the formation of the new state of Iran. Since then, Balochistan’s development has stopped because the rulers see the Balochs as an enemy of Iran who want to be separated from the country when given the opportunity.
Therefore, both the Pahlavi dynasty and the policies of the Islamic regime are based on plundering Balochistan on its assets, discriminating Balochs in all respects such as in the employment, economic development, health care, education, cultural and linguistic.
Every day, the Balochs are killed for various fabricated reasons, partly because the Balochs have no affiliation with the rulers and partly because they are Sunni Muslims, unlike the rulers who are Shia Muslims.

For a few years ago, the Islamic regime of Iran sold part of the strategic port city of Chahbahar to India and signed a hundred-year agreement with them. Now the regime wants to go a step further and in a secret economic and military deal with China, where Russia is included in the military part of the deal, gives control of the strategic port cities of Chahbahar and Jask to these countries.
The agreement allows China and Russia to take control of the entire coastal area of Balochuistan (Makoran coast). The Balochs are not involved in this secret agreement.
At the same time, the regime want to move five million immigrants to the coastal cities of Balochistan from Bandarabbas to the port city of Brees.
This policy makes the Balochs a minority in their own homeland.
The regime’s policy in Balochistan is based on assimilation so that the Balochs merge into Persian culture and language and lose their own identity.

Selling Balochistan to foreign powers such as China and Russia without consulting the Balochs is against all international regulations. The agreements with China and Russia are not only economic but give China and Russia the right to build military bases in the coastal areas of Balochistan, especially in the strategic port cities of Chahbahar and Jask, and to station thousands of troops from China and Russia in Balochistan.

We from the Balochistan National Solidarity Party appeal to the EU, the US and the UN to stop this secret agreement and help the Baloch nation gain control of its resources and its territory.
These agreement qdo not benefit the Baloch people, but they are even more marginalized and discriminated in their own country, Balochistan, which is one of the most important strategic areas in the world with more than 1000 km of coastal area from Bandar-Abbas to the port city of Karachi in Sind. This area is important for the world economy and security, which is why both China and Russia want to take control of these strategic areas.

Balochistan National Solidarity Party
(Balochistan-e Raji Tepaki Gal)
10 july 2020

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